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RESN Endure is not just any electrolyte powder, but a complete pre-workout that ensures you get the most out of every session.

🏃🏻‍♀️ Pure sustained energy without the crash.

💧 Hydration to keep you going mile after mile, rep after rep.

🧠 Increase focus, so you can consistently bring your A-game.

💪 Eliminate fatigue.

🔥 Don't just start strong, finish strong.

⏩ Easily tackle your next challenge with a faster recovery time.

One of the many reasons professional athletes love RESN! The Informed Sport program provides assurance that products have been tested for a wide range of substances prohibited in sport.

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Endure is used by some of the toughest athletes who refuse to compromise on quality.
Those who are looking to push past their limits rely on RESN. Here's a few reasons why our athlete ambassadors won't train without it!
Rebekah DevineAthlete Ambassador

"RESN has been an essential part of my training the past few months. Staying hydrated and energized is very important during high level training sessions, but it’s often hard to find products with high quality ingredients. That’s why I love RESN, you get all of the essentials for training while also putting quality ingredients into your body!"

Abigail MillerCustomer

"Before using Endure, energy drinks and coffee would make me crash and burn before I was even halfway done with my workout and all I was left feeling was jittery and out of breath. Now, I’m able to pace appropriately and get the most out of all of my training sessions thanks to Endure."

Jake WarrenSoccer Player

"Endure is my go to hydration supplement whether I’m working out, playing soccer, or just spending long days out in the sun. I used to always cramp up near the end of soccer games and since I started taking Endure pre game and even at half time I haven’t cramped up once. Great taste and a great product."

Tyler WinsorPersonal Trainer

"As a fitness coach and someone who trains in multiple forms of fitness each week finding RESN has been great. It not only keeps me hydrated but it provides me the energy I need to stay checked in through long coaching sessions or get through gritty workouts that require maximum effort. Above all, RESN’s ability to create a product with no crash or jitters was a huge selling point for me."

Andrew CantwellCustomer

"I have been using RESN Endure for quite a while now. I love the taste, I love the convenience of the stick pack, and I love the clean energy. Using it before a workout really keeps me hydrated for those long grinds."


RESN is a powerful combination of electrolytes, caffeine and L-theanine that delivers consistent energy without the crash. Mix with 12-20oz of water and drink before or during your workout. It's the top choice for endurance athletes that want to finish strong.
Dominate the Competition

Electrolytes like sodium and potassium conduct essential electrical impulses in your body. RESN supercharges this with an effective 150 mg of natural caffeine boost, complemented by 250 mg of L-Theanine, enhancing cognitive performance and alertness. Beetroot and coconut water powder is added to help deliver a quick oxygen supply to tired muscles.

Better than water

Sweating during exercise depletes your electrolytes. RESN’s powerhouse of electrolytes, Himalayan Rock Salt, Potassium, Magnesium and naturally occurring electrolytes in the 1250mg of coconut water, ensures maximum hydration.

Travel ready and tasty

Not just effective, RESN's blend of natural ingredients like stevia leaf and organic cane sugar creates a light, crisp, and refreshing taste. In easy, rippable packets, it’s perfect for your busy on-the-go lifestyle. Just rip, mix with water, and drink pre or post-workout to stay powered up and hydrated, no matter where you are.

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