Have Questions About Electrolytes & Hydration? Our FAQs Are Here to Help You ‘Workout' the Answers!

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals like potassium, sodium, and magnesium that your body needs to function optimally. They regulate fluid intake, keeping your body's operations in balance. When levels are too high or low, it can disrupt your body's normal range. For instance, low sodium levels can make you feel weak, while a lack of potassium may cause muscle cramps. Magnesium is essential for nerve and muscle function; deficiency can lead to fatigue and muscle weakness.

If you're active and regularly training, water isn't enough to restore these vital electrolytes. That's why a supplement like RESN is crucial - it helps you recover faster and stay hydrated, boosting your overall performance.

RESN provides incredible value for an electrolyte supplement. When we created it, we kept athletes' needs, especially endurance athletes, at the forefront. 

It shocked us to learn that many athletes begin their workouts dehydrated and that pre-workout supplements could potentially increase dehydration. RESN is our response to this need - it provides the energy boost you need and keeps you hydrated. Our product is packed with electrolytes, outperforming the competition. We've included the energy-boosting elements you need to push past your limits.

RESN's formula is specifically designed to optimize your performance by offering hydration, sustained energy, and improved focus. It supports a wide range of activities, from lifting and running to cycling. 

Key ingredients include 150mg of Natural Caffeine and 250mg of L-Theanine to boost cognitive alertness and provide smooth, sustained energy. We've also packed in 780mg of natural electrolytes and an extra 1250mg of coconut water powder, a natural source of electrolytes, to ensure maximum hydration. To replenish sodium, we added Himalayan Rock salt and potassium and magnesium to combat common issues like post-run headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps. Our formula also contains 750mg of Beetroot powder, a natural sports performance enhancer famously used by British Olympian long-distance runner Mo Farah, which increases the oxygen supply to your muscles, giving you an extra boost of power and speed. 

Regardless of your sport or environment, RESN helps you push past your limits and provides the ultimate fitness experience.

Electrolytes can start working almost immediately after you take them. They help your body hydrate and replenish lost minerals quickly, aiding in improved athletic performance.

Absolutely! While RESN is formulated with the needs of athletes in mind, anyone who wants to stay hydrated, naturally boost their energy levels, and improve their focus can benefit from our products.

RESN is for anyone with the spirit of endurance, whether you're a pro athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. It's about equipping you with the right fuel to power your passion. If you strive to push your boundaries, RESN is for you.

We suggest taking RESN pre-workout. This allows your body to replenish the electrolytes it will lose through sweat and provides the energy boost necessary for an intense session. However, keep in mind that everyone's body is different. If you require an energy surge before a game or a particularly grueling workout, taking RESN beforehand can ensure that you stay hydrated and energized.

If you're already well-hydrated and confident in your endurance, consider taking RESN post-workout. This approach will help with quick recovery, helps you feel re energized, and reduces symptoms such as post-workout fatigue and leg cramps.

While everyone's nutritional needs differ, we typically recommend starting with one to two packets per day, especially during or after intense workouts. Always respect your body and adjust as needed.

RESN is designed to be mixed with water for optimal hydration. All our packets are already flavoured, but we’re all about trying new things! If you've discovered a killer recipe using our products, why not give us a shout on social media or shoot us a message? You might even snag a feature!

Yes, RESN is available for purchase in-store but currently only in Newfoundland, Canada. You can find RESN at the following locations:

We are constantly working to expand our retail presence, so keep an eye out for RESN in more locations soon!

We process orders within 1-2 business days. You'll receive an email confirmation with tracking information as soon as your order ships. (If ordering within the US, 3-5 days.) If you’re ordering from Canada, 7-21 days.

We're working on it! As of now, we offer shipping within the U.S and to Canada. We hope to expand to other countries soon, so keep an eye out for updates.