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Endure Starter Kit

For a limited time get our Endure Starter Kit! Inside the kit, you'll get 2 packets of each crisp Endure flavor (6 total servings) - watermelon, peach mango, blue raspberry and our sleek RESN Purist water bottle. RESN Endure is Informed Sports Certified, assuring that it has been tested for a wide range of substances prohibited in sport.

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RESN Endure is not just any electrolyte powder, but a complete pre-workout that ensures you get the most out of every session.

🚀 150mg Natural Caffeine + 250mg L-Theanine

⚡️ 780mg of Electrolytes

🥥 1250mg Coconut Water Powder + 750mg Beetroot Powder

🌱 3-4g Organic Cane Sugar

💦 Natural Flavoring

🏃🏻‍♀️ Pure sustained energy without the crash.

💧 Hydration to keep you going mile after mile, rep after rep.

🧠 Increase focus, so you can consistently bring your A-game.

💪 Eliminate fatigue.

🔥 Don't just start strong, finish strong.

⏩ Easily tackle your next challenge with a faster recovery time.


Endure is used by some of the toughest athletes who refuse to compromise on quality. Those who are looking to push past their limits rely on RESN. Here's a few reasons why our athlete ambassadors won't train without it!
Nutrition Coach


"As a nutrition coach and crossfit athlete, I've been looking for the right combination of ingredients for an electrolyte powder to help me replenish, rehydrate, and get ready to attack my next workout. RESN provides all of that AND it's delicious."
Crossfit Athlete


"It keeps me hydrated and gives me the energy I need to stay checked in through long coaching sessions or get through gritty workouts that require maximum effort. Above all, RESN’s ability to create a product with no crash or jitters was a huge selling point for me."
Soccer Player


"I used to always cramp up near the end of soccer games and since I started taking Endure pre game and even at half time I haven’t cramped up once. Great taste and a great product."

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